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African-American Brides.com ▪ American Way Magazine ▪ Baltimore Business Journal ▪ Baltimore Magazine ▪ Baltimore Sun ▪ Consultant Journal ▪ Ebony.com ▪ eMarketer ▪ Examiner.com Eyecare Business ▪ InternetRetailer ▪ In-store MagazineMarketerstarget ▪ Maryland Daily Record Mobility Enterprise Magazine Ms. Charm's Chic ▪ MSN.com ▪ MSNBC.com ▪ People You Need to Know Magazine Retail Customer Experience RetailerNOW Magazine ▪ Sclohoreally Smart CEO Stratus Insights ▪ SoBo Voice ▪ Social Cloudcast ▪ Social Media Today SincerelySyreeta.com ▪ The Fab EmpireUniversity Business W3 Women's Impact Movement Washingtonian.com Women in Retail Leadership Circle

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ABC2: A Cheaper Easter Holiday ▪ ABC2: Best Local Shopping Deals ▪ ABC2: Father's Day Spending... ▪ ABC2: Getting a Gift for Mom ▪ ABC2: Last Minute Valentine's Day ▪ ABC2: Local Ideas for Father's Day ▪ ABC2: Local Stores Changing... ▪ ABC2: Practical, Not Pricey... ▪ ABC2: The Truth About Gift Returns ▪ ABC2: Thoughtful Gifts for Your Valentine ▪ Briefcase Radio WEAA FM ▪ MIX 106.5 ▪ That Marketing Show ▪ WJZ: Baltimore Retail Week

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Prince George's Community College ▪ Entrepreneurs Go to College Series: Morgan State University



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