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Why should I hire a millennial or urban marketing consultant?

When attempting to penetrate a new urban market, nothing drives customers to your competitors faster than advertising a one-size-fits-all campaign. - Epps Consulting Owner Christine Carter

Each city has its own local culture, and a subdivision of culture within each neighborhood. That’s why it’s important for large retailers focused on market penetration or expansion to define their target audience, identify the appropriate methods to communicate with their consumers, and even understand their role in the city’s economic development.

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So what the heck does Epps Consulting do anyway for small retailers?

"Epps Consulting wants partnerships, successful clients, and great relationships.  If the clients are happy and making money, Epps Consulting will be rewarded.  The goal of Epps Consulting is not to make money and run; but to be with the client for the long haul.” - Epps Consulting client

Small business owners need to hear the truth about their store. That’s why we promise to have an honest relationship with our clients. It’s our goal to find a unique marketing solution that drives revenue. Because our company dream is your company dream: to run a profitable, recognized company. When you’re not sure what’s best for your customers- or your business- Epps Consulting gets into your business model and becomes a partner in the success of the business. We’ll get together to learn your current challenges, your marketing “comfort level”, and previously successful and ineffective campaigns.

With services customized to your store, one-on-one support, an award-winning staff, and a unique, comprehensive approach, Epps Consulting is designed to help your store grow! We'll get to know you, understand your strengths and weaknesses and determine where you need the most support to achieve your goals. With Epps Consulting, you will:

  • Create a campaign customized for you, based on your time, needs, and budget,
  • Develop a marketing plan so you stay motivated to promote the store every day, and
  • Meet with us weekly or monthly to help keep customers coming into the store.
Furniture Stores 
Optical Goods Stores 
Book Stores 
Jewelry Stores 
Men's Clothing Stores 
Department Stores
Home Furnishings Stores 
Women's Clothing Stores 
Discount Department Stores 
Household Appliance Stores 
Children's/Infants' Clothing Stores 
General Merchandise Stores 
Home Centers 
Family Clothing Stores 
Pet and Pet Supplies Stores 
Hobby, Toy, and Game Stores 
Clothing Accessories Stores 
Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Stores 
Cosmetics/Perfume Stores 
Shoe Stores 
Miscellaneous Store Retailers

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